Wondering Just How in the world
You’re Going to Tackle
All Those Logistics By Yourself?


You have a sound Event strategy.

But now you’re Probably Asking Yourself…

  • Where should I host the event?

  • What criteria should I consider when selecting a venue?

  • What kind of activities or experiences should I include? Where should I look for ideas - especially ones that are unique or off the beaten path?

  • How do I make things fun and engaging?

  • How do I make attendees feel as if they’ve truly experienced an event’s location - in a refreshing way?

  • How can I facilitate community-building? (Including organic conversations outside of the actual event.)

  • What about food, decor, and help during the event?

  • How am I going to find the time to plan all of this on top of running my business?

  • How do I ensure that I’m making those transformative, long-lasting, in-person connections with my attendees - so I can better serve their needs and impact their lives?


Ready for the good news? you don’t have to do it alone!

Yes, really!


how wonderful would it be to…

  • Have an expert take the reins. One who’s truly interested in giving your attendees the best experience possible - all based on your Invent Your Event strategy.

  • Work with someone who understands the nuances and importance of relationship-building, customer service, marketing, and logistics.

  • Know that everything is being covered: from venue, to accommodations, to activities, and more. (Including checking on availability, pricing, etc.)

  • Save your time and energy for more important things - such as running your business, being with family, and getting that much-needed downtime.

    Receive a highly-customized and well-planned solution - one that your attendees (and you) are sure to love!



Activate Your Event

what it is

Activate Your Event is a customized event planning service.

Based on the strategy in your Invent Your Event brief, I create a detailed event plan. I also research all applicable items such as location, venue, gifts, and activities (just to name a few). Plus, I offer additional support depending on the package you choose. (See packages below.)

This is an event planning service like no other!

Who it’s for

Entrepreneurs who don’t have a dedicated team (other than themselves!); a team member with event planning expertise; and/or the required time to plan.

Keep your time focused on building your business. Let me do the event planning for you!

Activate Your Event

2 hours of your time. 1-week turnaround.

For clients hosting events that require less intricate planning - or who simply prefer to handle the final selections and implementation themselves. Building upon the high-level strategy from the Invent Your Event Brief, I create a more detailed event plan. I also research and provide several recommendations for each applicable item such as: location, venue, food, gifts, and activities. It’s then up to the client to make the final selections and fully implement the plan. 


*Previous Invent Your Event payment applied to the cost.

Ready to get started?

Activate Your Event Plus

2 ½ hours of your time. 2-week turnaround.

Includes all the planning and research in the Activate Your Event, but services clients hosting larger events - or ones that require more intricate or creative planning. Typically, I also take the lead role in making the final selections or decisions so that the client can focus on running their business.    

This is my most popular package, as it fulfills the needs of most entrepreneurs.  


*Previous Invent Your Event payment applied to the cost.

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Activate Your Event Influencer

6-12 months collaboration, depending on the event. Unlimited email & Voxer correspondence + weekly or bi-weekly calls included. 

This is the crème de la crème of event planning packages, typically for those with massive platforms or a very large or intricate event. Includes everything in the Activate Your Event Plus but takes it to a whole different level. Can also include my Activate Your Event Day service, where I am physically present at the event to serve in the background and help ensure everything goes smoothly. (Allowing you and your team to focus on your attendees.)  

$10,299 - $15,299*

*Previous Invent Your Event payment applied to the cost.

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Note: Add-ons are available for all packages for the creation of marketing materials (such as sales pages and social media graphics).