Here’s 3 Ways to Make A Staycation Feel Like a Vacation

Here’s 3 Ways to Make A Staycation Feel Like a Vacation

June has arrived - which means so has vacation season! July, the most popular vacation month in the United States, is just around the corner - with August hot on its heels.

However, not all vacations need to be, well, vacations! Maybe this year a staycation is calling your name. Or, perhaps circumstances don’t lend themselves to travel at the moment.

But guess what? Staying close to home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that vacation-like experience! Here are three ways to make a staycation feel like a vacation:

Explore A Culturally-Different Area

Let’s face it - even the most adventurous of spirits gets caught-up in the routine of daily life! As a result, we often end up living and interacting within the same geographical areas day-in and day-out.

Consider visiting an area that offers a different cultural vibe. This can be a neighborhood you’ve never visited in your city, a neighboring town, or someplace a short drive away.

Even if the culture is only moderately different, it’s still new and refreshing. Your brain and spirit will be drinking in a new atmosphere - and new experiences - just as if you had taken a trip to someplace further away.



Play the Tourist

As residents (of wherever we live), we tend to eventually gloss over the “tourist stuff.” Sure, some places might be favorite hangouts of ours. But in the course of our daily lives, we inevitably end-up passing attractions, events, and businesses without really seeing them.

A staycation is the perfect time to change that! As you explore, playing the tourist will inevitably make you feel like one. Plus, being a resident, any places you love can then become new haunts!


Seek Out New Acquaintances

Vacations are about visiting new places - as well as meeting new people. Some end up being casual acquaintances - like the person seated next to you on a plane - while others turn into longtime friends. In either case, our lives are undoubtedly touched, enriched, and refreshed by these interactions. (At least as far as the positive ones go!)

The same result can be achieved on a staycation. It requires a little more intention on your part, but you can also better control what that looks like. For instance, you can attend a group activity that’s been calling your name; visit a culturally-different area (as we discussed above); or just make a point of slowing down, being aware of those around you, and engaging in conversation.  

You don’t need to exhaust your social energy! But engaging with even a few new people can make you feel as if you’ve left home.