4 Things You Should Know About Bike Riding in Pittsburgh

4 Things You Should Know About Bike Riding in Pittsburgh

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh is a unique and compelling place to go bike riding. With miles of gorgeous river trails, a connection to the Great Allegheny Passage, and fun and quirky neighborhoods to explore, it’s the perfect place to put the pedal to the metal!

That being said, exactly how to go about bike riding in the ‘Burgh can feel a bit of a mystery. The good news is, it’s a lot simpler than you may think!

To get you started, here are 4 fundamental things you should know about bike riding in Pittsburgh:


1. No Bike? No Problem!

Guess what? Owning - or bringing - your own bike isn’t a requirement for enjoying Pittsburgh on two wheels. In fact, you have multiple options for getting yourselves equipped!

For example, Pittsburgh’s Healthy Ride Bike Share, which has kiosks all over the city, offers bike rentals at handy half-hour increments. If you need an all-day rental, speciality or kids bikes, or fancy a bike tour, check out Golden Triangle Bike and Bike the Burgh. Do you happen to be staying at the Hotel Monaco or Distrikt Hotel? Ask about their complimentary bikes for guests.


2. The River Trails are Great for Beginners

If you’re a newbie rider, or someone who doesn’t feel comfortable riding in traffic, the river trails are calling your name! You can pedal along miles of picturesque scenery, visiting attractions and towns along the way, without worrying about vehicles. Plus, you’ll get to view Pittsburgh from some pretty amazing angles!




3. There’s a Map for That

Whether you’re coasting down the river trails or pedaling through Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, a map can be a very useful tool! To that end, I highly recommend BikePGH’s map. BikePGH is very diligent about the detail and helpfulness of their map - and it shows. In addition to marked routes, you can learn the best way to cross certain bridges; the location of Healthy Ride Bike Share kiosks; and other amazing information.

Printed copies can be found in bike shops around the city. (See the link above for a list of locations.)


4. There’s Something for Everyone (Cliche - But True!)

Pittsburgh’s biking experiences aren’t exclusive. You can be a novice, casual biker, or avid enthusiast. You can bike alone - or as a couple, group, or family. You can take a self-guided tour - or one where you’re guided through the city to explore a particular topic.

Whatever your specific needs or experience, start by visiting the websites of Golden Triangle Bike and Bike the Burgh. Between those two well-known companies, you’re bound to find what you need. (Even if you own your own bike, there are both guided and self-guided tours to take advantage of.)

Want to learn more about bike riding in Pittsburgh?

Check out my city guide “Bike Like a Boss: The Essential Guide to Bike Riding in Pittsburgh.”