You Can Have Dedicated Event Planning Help
(and Make Your Life Easier)


if your company holds events on a consistent basis, you’re probably…

  • Feeling the constant pressure to come up with new concepts and outdo the last event.

  • Fearful that you’ve done it all - or that you’ll soon run out of ideas!

  • Wondering how you can continue to cultivate authentic community and relationships.

  • Constantly battling the enemy of time - as you have other job tasks to perform.

  • Wondering if this never-ending cycle of researching, planning, and stress will ever let up?


If any of this sounds familiar, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

now imagine completely transforming your process

  • By outsourcing your tedious research tasks.

  • Having a dedicated expert to provide recommendations, tips, and feedback.

  • Infusing your events with fresh ideas and insights - from a new, outside perspective.

  • Saving precious time that can be allocated to other items on your to-do list.

  • Establishing an on-going relationship with an expert who can get to know you, your business, and the unique challenges you face.



The relate escape corporate Retainer package

what it is

The Relate Escape Corporate Retainer Package is a 6-month, one-on-one strategy retainer service.

This means you have access to me as a dedicated resource via phone and email.

Who it’s for

For corporate entities who (a) hold events on a regular basis, and (b) handle part of the planning internally, but need an extra resource to fully develop their plans. These events can be client events, team-building exercises, or other related events. (Or a combination thereof.)


Why overextend your team, or hire an additional employee, when you can hire me?


how it works

(1) 1-Hour foundational call

To discuss your needs + plan ahead for the monthly strategy calls.

(2) 45-Minute Strategy Calls Per Month

To discuss upcoming events, possible ideas, and any challenges.

(5) Hours of Research, Recommendations, And Feedback Per Month

Whatever you need, I’m your dedicated resource!

(3) Extra 30-Minute Strategy Support Calls

To use anytime during the 6 months, whenever you need additional support.

unlimited Emails

My client’s emails are my priority, and I pride myself in responding in a very timely manner.


you’ll walk away With:

  • A long-term relationship with an expert - which means your company will be better known and better served.

  • A dedicated resource to provide you with expert recommendations, advice, and research results. (As well as tips that only a local would know!)

  • The ability to transform your organization’s events outside of what your internal resources can provide.

  • A workflow that is flexible and adaptable to your needs - rather than project-based.

  • More time to focus on other projects and job duties.

  • A long-term relationship with someone who’s genuinely interested in positively impacting your workplace culture and its employees.

ready to be an event hero - on a Consistent basis?

The first step is to chat on the phone - so we can make sure we’re a good fit.
Choose a day and time that works for you via the scheduler below.

Investment (if we’re a good fit):

Pay-in-Full: $10,000 (save $2,000)

Monthly Plan: $2,000/month (for 6 months)