Need a Web Designer?
I’ve Been designing Sites for 15 years.



Remember those day job skills…

Mine happen to be in web & graphic design, and it’s something I still love to do. So in addition to my work as an Event Strategist, I occasionally take on web projects to help other entrepreneurs in a very unique way.

What Makes Me Different?

I’m a web designer with marketing and communication expertise. In other words, I’m not just about layout and coding. I help entrepreneurs launch - or redesign - sites that effectively communicate who they are, what they offer, and why they’re unique. And I use a very strategic process.

No, I’m definitely not your average web designer…

Have you ever worked with a designer &…

  • While they were great at the technical aspects, you were left handling other tasks - such as figuring out content flow or writing all of the copy? (As if you don’t have enough to do…)

  • You felt like they didn’t truly get you or your brand? Which means, after all that hard work, your website didn’t even adequately reflect you!

  • You didn’t receive a truly customized solution? Instead, it was as if your needs were being plugged into the designer’s go-to template like a square peg into a round hole.

  • It was a rushed process? Where you felt like you were zooming through the project without a focus on producing the best solution possible. Or maybe it was the opposite and you felt like your site would never be done!

  • Once the site was launched, you were left without any guidance in how to maintain it? Not that you expected to receive the equivalent of a four-year degree - but a little education could have gone a long way!

If You Consider That A Great Experience,
Just Stop Reading Right Here.

Because We’re Not Meant To Work Together.

Because I’m A Designer That…

  • Has writing and communication expertise. Which means not only do I understand how your site needs to communicate, especially as a fellow entrepreneur, but I can actually help you with the content. (I know. Crazy, right?!)

  • Is all about getting to know you. How can I build a successful solution - big or small - if I don’t learn about who you are, what you offer, and what makes you and your brand special?

  • Believes in executing a solution based on your specific needs. Sure, we’re going to use templates or easy-to-use tools. (This is the modern world, after all, and who doesn’t like to work smarter vs. harder?) But I carefully make choices based on your individual needs.

  • Is all about ridiculously high standards. Do I have project deadlines? Yes. Do I like to keep things on task? Of course! But all of that is constructed in a way that supports high quality.

  • Educates her clients whenever it makes sense. Either you, your virtual assistant, or a team member is going to be maintaining the site we create. So why wouldn’t I educate you on how to use the platform, or why we’ve done things a certain way, or the best way to proceed moving forward?

I Also Believe In Making The Process As Simple & Smooth As Possible.

Because You Have A Business To Run. And I Get That.


My “web create escape” process


Step #1: Web Create State

2 hours of your time. 1-week turnaround.

The first step to any successful web project is getting clear on your goals and how to accomplish them. Otherwise, you’re just shooting in the dark.

In the Web Create State, we spend two hours digging into where your business currently is; where you want to be; and what hurdles we need to overcome. I also learn about your unique brand and get a sense of what tools will work best for you.

I then create a clear, strategic, and documented roadmap for your website project. You can then take the roadmap and create the site on your own - or apply your payment towards one of my design packages where I handle all of the heavy lifting for you! (See Step #2 below.)

Investment: $499*

*Cost is applied to any Web Create Escape design package moving forward.

Not sure if a Web Create State is right for you?
Schedule a quick call with me and we’ll figure it out!


Step #2: Web Create Escape Design Packages

Now that we have a strategic plan, it’s time to actually create your website! But you have a business to run, family and friends to take of, and self-care that shouldn’t be swept aside. Am I right? So I’m here to tackle the designing for you, leaving you free to focus on what matters most.

And with 3 design packages, there’s sure to be one that meets your needs:


Web Create Escape

1-month turnaround.

For clients needing a comprehensive, one-page website. Ideal for entrepreneurs who are just starting out or those who need a straightforward - yet super powerful - online presence. Site is entirely designed and implemented by yours truly in the drag-and-drop platform of your choice such as Squarespace. (Note: I do not work with WordPress.) Also includes the purchase of any necessary stock imagery; help with content strategy; and a 1-hour live tutorial on how to update your site.


*Previous Web Create State payment applied to the cost.

Ready to get started?

Web Create Escape Plus

2-month turnaround.

Includes everything in the Web Create Escape, but services clients who need a website that’s larger than one page; includes custom graphics; integrations with 3rd-party systems; more extensive content; or other additional requirements.   

This is my most popular package, as it fulfills the needs of most website clients.  


*Previous Web Create State payment applied to the cost.

Ready to get started?

Web Create Escape Premium

3-6 months collaboration, depending on the project. Unlimited email & Voxer correspondence included. 

For clients that need a huge website that include additional considerations such as: custom coding; a vast amount of content or custom graphics; more intricate 3rd party integrations; e-commerce; or other special requirements. 2-3 hours of live tutorials included.

$7,799 - $12,799*

*Previous Web Create State payment applied to the cost.

Ready to get started?

Truth: You’re Amazing! That’s Not Even A Question.

But let’s get real for a second: one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs can make is assuming that they need to master everything.

That when they lack a skill, they need to try their hand at it - costing them time, energy, and missed revenue - instead of focusing on their strengths. Or, they ask a bit too much from their staff.

Don’t fall into that trap!

Let my expertise - coupled with my 15 years of professional and freelance experience - compliment yours.


“For 10 years I relied on Jenn’s expertise as my web designer. She is creative, efficient, highly-skilled, and always cutting edge.”
— Cindi McMenamin, National Author & Speaker