Step 1: start with a Relate Escape State


To execute an event worthy of a Relate Escape Entrepreneur, first you need a high-level strategic plan. After all, as the saying goes, if you fail to plan - you plan to fail. This is especially true when planning an event that focuses on relationships. So in this first step, we take stock of your: business; brand; event goals, ideas, and experience; the unique needs of your clients and tribe; personal challenges; and anything else that affects your event. Then I create a high-level strategic plan (i.e. roadmap) so that the planning goes smartly, smoothly, and successfully.


Step 2: Make it Happen With a Relate Escape Mate


Now that you have a customized and strategic plan for your event, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty details! Determining the exact venue, accommodations, gifts, activities, schedule…the whole yummy, chocolate-filled cake! But you’ve got a business to run, right? So I’m here to tackle all of that for you - so you can focus on what you do best.


“Working with Jenn is always a great experience! She not only listens to her clients, she uses her expertise to craft solutions that solve problems and meet their needs.

And speaking of those solutions: they’re delivered on time and in an easy to understand, well-organized way. She can take any project or event that I’m stressing over and turn it into something, well, almost stress-less!”

- Linda Kelso, Owner, LK Landscape Design


“Jenn has a very pleasant personality, followed by great professionalism! In a short time, she created a well-documented and practical plan which absolutely reflected what I needed! I was amazed at how comprehensive she was, yet very concise and to the point. Jenn gave me tons of practical tips and insights that I could use for later - and ever!

The whole experience working with Jenn was just amazing! It definitely exceeded my expectations.

- Aleksandra Plazinic, .Ph.D.
Project Communications Consultant, Skills Trainer, & Certified Life Coach