Step 1: start with a Relate Escape State


to be an event hero, first you need to turn your “oh nos” into “A-has!”

Every event comes with its own specific goals, challenges, and obstacles. (Otherwise known as the things keeping you up at night!)

They can be related to your business, level of planning experience, or even your own personal struggles. Whatever their shape, until they’re overcome, they stand in the way of a successful event plan.

In this mini strategy consultation, we’ll identify your #1 “Oh No!” and purposely transform in into an “A-Ha!” - paving the way for your success!


Step 2: Make it Happen With a Relate Escape Mate


Now that we’ve conquered what’s holding you back, it’s time to plan that event!

Whether you’re executing a client-focused event (such as a mastermind, retreat, or sales event); a team building event; or need someone on retainer for the long haul - there’s a Relate Escape Mate Package just for you!


“Working with Jenn is always a great experience! She not only listens to her clients, she uses her expertise to craft solutions that solve problems and meet their needs.

And speaking of those solutions: they’re delivered on time and in an easy to understand, well-organized way. She can take any project or event that I’m stressing over and turn it into something, well, almost stress-less!”

- Linda Kelso, Owner, LK Landscape Design


“Jenn has a very pleasant and spontaneous personality, followed by great professionalism! In a short time, she created a well-documented and practical plan which absolutely reflected what I needed! I was amazed at how comprehensive she was, yet very concise and to the point. Jenn gave me tons of practical tips and insights that I could use for later - and ever! The whole experience working with Jenn was just amazing! It definitely exceeded my expectations.

- Aleksandra Plazinic, .Ph.D.
Project Communications Consultant, Skills Trainer, & Certified Life Coach