Event Planning Doesn’t Have
To Be Such a Struggle!


Are you losing sleep over things like…

  • Deciding what the focus or goals of your event should be?

  • Where to even start? (Especially if you’re brand new to event planning.)

  • Wondering how you’re going to juggle all of the research, logistics, and planning on top of your current work load? (And if there’s a way to work smarter versus harder?)

  • How you can plan and host an event that works with your schedule - not against it.

  • Fear that you’ll overlook something vitally important - making the event a failure?

  • Feeling clueless as to how to plan things in a way that facilitates conversations, connections, and community-building?

  • Uncertainty in how to plan an experience that is restorative, fresh, and engaging (versus draining or dull), and aligns with your brand.

  • Feeling extremely stressed, overwhelmed, and worried that your event will be a failure rather than a success? And scared that your credibility, reputation, and overall business success could suffer as a result? (So maybe it’s not even worth trying!)


Guess what? it doesn’t have to be this way.

For reals!


just imagine Working
with an expert and…

  • Taking stock of your business: where it is now and what you want to achieve through your event.

  • Zeroing in on your specific challenges, worries, and obstacles…and devising strategic solutions to overcome them.

  • Taking the things that you’re the most worried about and transforming them into something you’re actually excited about. (What?!?)

  • Benefiting from professional expertise and guidance on how to approach your event plan.

  • Releasing yourself from the stress, worry, and sleepless nights that are draining you dry!

  • Relaxing, knowing that you can move forward with a grounded, practical, and focused plan…

In other words, setting yourself up for success by taking stock, getting clarity, and having a well-planned strategy!



introducing, invent your event

what it is

Invent Your Event is an event strategy consultation.

You and I work one-on-one, over the phone/Zoom and through email, to create a high-level strategic plan. You’ll walk away with an event roadmap that makes sense for your particular challenges, business, and level of event experience.

You can then tackle all of the finer details on your own - or hire me to handle them for you. (The cost of the Invent Your Event is applied towards your Activate Your Event package.)

Who it’s for

Entrepreneurs who need to plan a client-focused event such as (but not limited to): a mastermind, training session, intensive, workshop, retreat, sales event, or conference.

Since this is a high-level strategy consultation, the amount of attendees or length of the event (i.e. amount of days) does not matter. In fact, that might be something we determine during the consultation!

Stop feeling stuck and stressed out. Instead, break free with a little help from me!


how it works


The Process Typically
Looks Like This…

  1. Client intake form so I can get more acquainted with you and your business!

  2. 90-minute strategy intensive call to dig deep into your specific situation, needs, and challenges.

  3. I then draft the Invent Your Event Brief - a customized, high-level strategy document based on your specific needs + my expertise.

  4. 45-minute follow-up call so I can any questions you may have regarding the brief’s content.

We’ll also likely communicate via email a bit. I may have follow-up questions as I write the brief, for example, and you’re welcome to email me anytime during the process. 1-week turnaround.


ready to be an event hero,
my relate escape entrepreneur?

Let’s get started by booking your 90-minute Strategy Intensive Call.
Select a day and time that works for you using the scheduler below.

Investment: $599*

*Cost is applied to your Activate Your Event moving forward.

Not sure if an Invent Your Event is right for you? Schedule a quick call with me and we’ll figure it out!