Premium Trip Itinerary Service

Premium is the ultimate itinerary service, designed for people who need more than the Standard service provides. The actual price varies, depending on your exact needs. However, the price starts at least $167 per trip day.

Also, please note that, due to the amount of work involved, only a certain number of Premium packages are available at one time. (I only want to provide the best possible service!)

Note: For corporate groups, and groups with over 6 people, please contact me directly.

how it works

The Premium service is for groups who have:

  • Have absolutely no time - or desire - for planning. You just want to provide travel dates, interests and preferences, and let me do the rest!

  • You want to do more than just 1-2 activities a day.

  • Have 4+ people in them. This makes the planning more complicated. (Another reason to have someone else do it!)

  • Have sub-groups that will want to do their own thing, requiring a separate itinerary. (For at least one day, perhaps more.) A common example is multi-generational groups, groups with kids, or simply groups with varying interests.

  • A detailed itinerary that breaks things down by times, allowing for breaks, travel time between places, etc.

  • The option for unlimited advice and support during their Pittsburgh adventure. (See Pricing page.)

  • Might require more in-depth research. For example, specialized accessibility or dietary concerns.

If at least three of these items apply to your group, then the Premium service is probably right for you.

Also, please note that any group needing multiple itineraries are automatically considered Platinum customers.

We’ll start with a 30-minute phone or Skype/Zoom call to discuss your interests and wants. Then I’ll tackle the actual itinerary (or itineraries) based on your group’s needs. While I’ll be doing the heavy lifting of the planning, I may email with a few questions to help ensure I plan the best experience possible.

At the end, after receiving the itinerary (or itineraries) - complete with included bonuses - you’ll have the opportunity for another 30 minute call to discuss any questions or concerns. This call is not mandatory, but it’s there if you would like to take advantage of it.

View the Pricing page for more details.