Wondering How in the World You’re Going to Nail Down Those Nitty-Gritty Event Details - All By Yourself?


You have a sound strategy. But now you’re probably thinking…

  • Where should I host the event? How do I select a venue?

  • What kind of activities or experience should I include? Where should I look for ideas - especially ones that are unique or off the beaten path?

  • How, exactly, do I keep things fun and engaging?

  • What specific things should I do to make the attendees feel as if they’ve truly experienced an event’s location - in a refreshing way?

  • How should I facilitate the community-building aspect? (Including organic conversations outside of the actual event.)

  • How am I going to find the time to plan all of this on top of running my business?

  • How do I ensure that I’m making those transformative, long-lasting, in-person connections with my attendees - so I can better serve their needs and impact their lives?


Ready for the good news? you don’t have to do it alone!

how wonderful would it be to…

  • Have an expert take the reins. One who’s truly interested in crafting a customized solution based on your unique brand, attendees, and goals.

  • Work with someone who understands the nuances and importance of relationship-building, customer service, and logistics.

  • Know that everything is being covered: from venue, to accommodations, to activities, and more. (Including checking on availability, pricing, etc.)

  • Save your time and energy for more important things - such as running your business, being with family, and getting that much-needed downtime.

  • Receive a highly-customized, highly-detailed event plan - where all you have to do is execute!



relate escape mate

what it is

Relate Escape Mate is a one-on-one event planning service.

Based on your Relate Escape State strategy brief, I create a detailed, customized event plan that you can easily execute!

Who it’s for

Entrepreneurs who need to plan a sales event, mastermind, workshop, retreat, or another type of client-focused event. Perfect for those who don’t have a dedicated planning team (other than themselves!).


Keep your time focused on building your business. Let me do the event planning for you!


how it works

(1) 1-Hour planning Intensive phone call

A foundational phone call to review your Relate Escape State brief, cover any changes (if applicable), and discuss any pertinent details.

(1) Proposal Draft

I do the research and create a proposal that meets all the necessary logistics and goals.

(1) Round of Changes

We make any needed changes to ensure we’re crafting the best event possible.

(1) Finalized Plan

I create the final version of the proposal.

(2) 45-Minute Touch-Base CallS

To use anytime during the project at your discretion.
(Such as after receiving the Proposal Draft or Finalized Plan, for example.)

Email Access

Unlimited email access during the course of the project.

BONUS: (1) 20-Minute Support Call

To use anytime after receiving the Finalized Plan, up until your event is over.
(In case you need additional support.)


you’ll walk away With:

  • A detailed, yet easy-to-execute event plan that includes:

    • A breakdown of the entire event: dates, venue, transportation, accommodations, activities, food, logistics, etc.

    • Contact information, hours of operation, and other important information for each business the plan involves (such as a hotel or caterer) - to help make executing the plan a breeze!

    • A “to-do” checklist to keep you organized and on top of things.

    • Tips and advice - specific to your event - to make your experience even that much smoother!

  • (1) 20-minute support call that can be used up until your event is over (in case you need additional support).

  • Peace of mind, knowing you have a customized plan in place to make the most out of your event.

ready to be an event hero,

First thing’s first!