Planning an Event Doesn’t Have to be Such a Struggle!


Are you losing sleep over things like…

  • Deciding what the focus or goals of your event should be?

  • How to go about planning your event - especially if you’ve never done it before?

  • How you’re going to juggle all of the research and logistics?

  • How to facilitate authentic conversations, connections, and community-building?

  • How to plan an experience that is restorative, fresh, and engaging?

  • Other challenges specific to your business, event, or you as an individual?

  • Feeling extremely stressed, overwhelmed, and worried that your event will be a failure rather than a success?


Guess what? it doesn’t have to be this way.

For reals!

just imagine Working with an expert and…

  • Zeroing in on your biggest challenge, worry, or obstacle.

  • Devising a strategy to solve and overcome that item.

  • Turning something that you’re the most worried about into something you’re actually excited about. (What?!?)

  • Releasing yourself from the stress, worry, and sleepless nights that are draining you dry.

  • Setting yourself up for success by getting clarity and meeting your biggest fear or challenge head on!



introducing, relate escape state

what it is

Relate Escape State is a mini strategy consultation.

This means you and I work one-on-one over the phone and through email to help set you up for success!

We do this by uncovering your biggest worry, challenge, or stress point - and strategically transforming it from an “Oh No” into an “A-Ha!”

Who it’s for

Entrepreneurs, corporate managers, human resource professionals, or other business employees who need to plan a client-focused or team building event.


Stop feeling stuck & stressed out. Instead, break free with a little help from me!


how it works

(1) 1-hour strategy Intensive Phone Call

We dig deep and uncover your top goal, challenge, or stress point.

Relate Escape State { to Action } Roadmap

I create a customized strategy document based on your specific needs + my expertise.

(1) 30-Minute Follow-Up Call

I answer any questions you may have regarding the Roadmap’s content or implementation.

Email Access

During the process, we’ll likely communicate via email a bit.
You’re also welcome to email me with any questions you have along the way!


you’ll walk away With:

  • A customized { To Action } Roadmap that includes:

    • A brief overview of your #1 “Oh No.”

    • A practical, detailed strategy on how to overcome it - thereby transforming it from a worry into a wonder!

    • Advice and/or tips when it comes to execution to help keep things simple, smooth, and on target.

  • Peace of mind, knowing you’re armed with a strategy to overcome your #1 obstacle, move forward, and execute a successful event!

ready to be an event hero?

Let’s get started by booking your 1-Hour Strategy Intensive Call.
Select a day and time
that works for you using the scheduler below.

Investment: $499*

*Cost is applied to any Relate Escape Mate moving forward.