You Don’t Need a Cape to Be Your Team’s Hero
(Just a Great Plan)


does this sound like you?

  • Even though team building events are a regular occurrence, you often find yourself at a loss for ideas - or scrambling to execute them!

  • You want your employees to improve their relationship dynamics so they perform better at work - and make it easier for you to recruit and grow great talent.

  • You want a workplace where people want to engage - rather than merely show up and exist.

  • You want something fun and engaging beyond the typical tourist attractions or event cliches.

  • You want to be seen as an amazing boss - even a hero! - for providing a unique and engaging event.


i totally Get it. you’re not the only one!

wouldn’t it be amazing to…

  • Have your event tailored to your specific team and business needs. (Rather than going the pre-packaged, “one package fits all” route.)

  • Work with someone who wants to facilitate real engagement between your employees. (Even outside of their normal social groups!)

  • Execute an event that goes beyond “the same old stuff” by implementing new ideas and activities - including ones off the beaten path.

  • Work with a Pittsburgh native who can provide local advice, knowledge, and coordination - which can only further smooth logistics!

  • Conserve your valuable time and energy - and keep it focused on your work - while an expert plans out your event.

  • Know that you’re wisely investing in your team, workplace culture, and your own career - in a way that will produce transformative results.



the relate escape team building package

what it is

The Relate Escape Team Building package is a one-on-one planning service.

This means you and I work over the phone and through email to create a customized event plan that you can easily execute.

Who it’s for

Large and corporate-sized businesses that need to plan a team building event - but don’t have an internal team to handle the planning.


Every hero needs their own hero sometimes. Let me be yours!


how it works

(1) 1-Hour Strategy Intensive phone call

A foundational call so I can attentively listen to your needs.

(2) Idea Proposals

I draft two high-level idea proposals.

(1) Finalized Plan

After you select a proposal, I flush out all of the details into a full-fledged plan.

(1) 45-Minute Wrap-Up Call

We briefly discuss the plan, and I answer any questions.

(1) Extra 45-Minute Touch-Base Call

To use anytime during the project at your discretion. (Such as after receiving the Idea Proposals, for example.)

Email Access

During the process, you’re also be able to email me with any questions you have along the way!

Bonus: (2) 20-Minute Support Calls

To use anytime after the Wrap-Up call, up until your event is over.
(In case you need additional support.)


you’ll walk away With:

  • A documented, easy-to-execute event plan that:

    • Outlines your specific event goals - and how the plan will meet them.

    • A breakdown of the entire event: dates, locations, activities, food, transportation, logistics, etc.

    • Contact information, hours of operation, and other pertinent information for locations, services, etc. (For easy reference.)

    • Detailed instructions for creating any worksheets or other printed materials.

    • A “to-do” checklist to keep you organized and on top of things.

    • Tips and advice from a Pittsburgh local - specific to your event - to make your experience even that much smoother!

  • (2) 20-minute support calls that can be used up until your event is over (in case you need additional support).

  • Confidence, peace of mind, and the knowledge that you’re wisely investing in your team and workplace culture.

ready to be an event hero?

The first step is for us to chat on the phone - to ensure we’re a good fit.
Select a day and time that works for you via the scheduler below.

Investment (if we’re a good fit):