Pittsburgh Adventures. Personalized.


Relate Escape helps you experience Pittsburgh in a way that resonates with you!

To get you off the beaten path; connect with the city through what you love to do; and enjoy its authentic (sometimes "hidden") shops, events, attractions, and people!

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Is Relate Escape for Me?


Do You Ache for Connection?

Like with any relationship, connecting with a city - truly connecting - can be difficult. Where do you go? Where are your people? Where are those authentic experiences that will sweep you into the organic pulse of Pittsburgh?

Relate Escape aims to fill that void - with most of the work done for you! 

Do You Yearn for Adventure?

Whether you're a tourist or long-time resident, we all need a little escape and adventure in our lives! But who has time to continually seek out new events, shops, and attractions? (There's this thing call life, after all.)

If you're tired of visiting the same handful of places over and over again, because they've become your easy go-to, stick around!

Do You Love Simple & Easy?

Adventures, as fun as they are, can also come with headaches. How do you get around the city? Are there restaurants nearby for the kids? When should you avoid certain areas of town due to other events? Etc.

Relate Escape doesn't just provide what to do - it shows you how to do it! Think of it like having a local BFF who gives you all the inside info you didn't know you needed.


So Where are the Goods?

Currently baking up like a good Pittsburgh donut! (Check out Peace Love and Little Donuts. Yes - you just received your first free tip. You're welcome!)

Like a good bakery, Relate Escape will offer a wide variety of flavors and product options. Think adventures tailored to specific interests, available in several options depending on your budget and timetable.  

Whether you're into sports, the arts, family outings, history, or culinary delights - just to name a few - you'll likely find a taste right up your alley!


How Can We Stay in Touch?

Oh, I'm so glad you asked! Follow Relate Escape on Instagram to discover new and unique places around the city - plus stay-in-the-know.

Want to share your own unique and amazing experiences? Use hashtag #relateescape.