Build Those Priceless, In-Person Relationships TODAY

Relate Escape Entrepreneurs recognize the power of connecting with their clients and online tribe in-person. They shun the “same old event stuff” - because they know it just doesn’t cut it.

Relate Escape Entrepreneurs build long-lasting relationships - which is why their events are highly customized and offer things like off the beaten path activities and space for organic conversations.

They have an unquenchable, burning desire to positively impact people's lives - and know that relationships (both online and in real life) are essential to that goal.



it’s time to make you an event hero!


Are you tired of events that…

  • Don’t facilitate the building of true, authentic community?

  • Aren’t customized to your specific needs? (Raise your hand if you’re so over the same old pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all deals!)

  • Don’t feature “off the beaten path” activities so that your attendees can truly experience a location - in a unique and restorative way?

  • Have schedules so full that there’s little time left for those precious organic conversations?

  • Steal your valuable time, energy, and focus away from your business? (After all, you don’t have countless hours to spend scouring the internet and making calls!)

Maybe you also fear that you’ll be an Event Zero - rather than an Event Hero.

Are you afraid that:

  • No one will attend.

  • That they won’t be invested or engaged in the event.

  • That people won’t connect with one another - or you.

  • That they won’t feel as if they’ve gotten adequate value for what they paid.

  • That you’ll forget to plan for a critical component.

  • That your reputation and business will negatively suffer - to the point that your burning passion to help others will have to be replaced by a 9-5 job.


I completely hear you! But what if you could…

  • Execute an event that successfully fosters new relationships - while also meeting your business goals.

  • Positively transform your client/tribe community.

  • Give your attendees fresh, new experiences that they’ll enjoy and talk about well into the future.

  • Provide a restorative experience with plenty of time for conversations and making connections.

  • Plan with clarity, purpose, and the ability to make better - and quicker - decisions. (Or have a plan created for you!)

  • Optimize your time and energy so that you’re not draining yourself dry.

  • Raise your credibility and reputation among your clients and community - to the point where they’re singing your praises to their colleagues, friends, and family.

Know that you’re wisely investing in your business - while making a positive impact in people’s lives.

Guess what?

You can have all this - and more!


Don’t let your challenges, struggles, or fears keep you from making a real impact!


“Jenn has all the qualities necessary to make working with her not only a smart business decision, but an absolute pleasure.

Communication with her was never a problem - she’s quick to respond to emails and calls. She did a great job, gave me exactly what I wanted and did it in a time frame that made my head spin!”

- Lora Innes, Owner, Innes Art, LLC


Meet Jenn

Jenn is an Event Strategist who helps online entrepreneurs plan events that cultivate authentic, long-lasting connections.

Her clients want to execute impactful, transformative events that strengthen client relationships - while simultaneously meeting their business goals.

That’s why Jenn’s signature approach starts with fully understanding a client’s business - as well as its specific event goals and challenges.

Want to learn more about Jenn and her signature approach?