Connect with the Pittsburgh people,
attractions, shops, & experiences that resonate with you!


Does this sound familiar? You're dreaming of your next adventure but...

  • You long for a richer, deeper traveling experience.

  • You’re tired of conventional trip planning resources - which don’t quite provide the level of information or service you need.

  • Your busy life limits the amount of time you can spend online reading reviews, checking out places on Google Maps, and learning how to navigate a new city.

  • You want to reduce your stress levels - not raise them through the frustrating process of trip planning!

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler - or new to this whole “exploring the world” thing - planning your Pittsburgh getaway or trip is easier than you think!

 Jenn Murray in the Austrian Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Hi, I’m Jenn - your pittsburgh travel strategist

My signature approach helps savvy travelers and residents experience Pittsburgh in a way that's personalized, authentic, and skillfully-planned.  


Getting your custom Pittsburgh experience is as simple as...

1. selecting a service 

Don’t worry - I’ve made choosing the right one as easy as pie!

2. talking about yourself 

What are your interests and passions? Is there anything in particular that you want to see, do, or experience? Tell me about your personality, how you like to vacation, etc.

3. relaxing 

I'll do the heavy lifting of creating a trip specifically geared towards you - or your group!

Yes, it's really that easy!


After all, you really only have two options...


Option #1

  • Spend precious time and energy doing all of your own planning - and probably add to your stress level in the process!
  • Stay stuck in the world of conventional trip planning and risk having a lackluster experience. (Bleh!)
  • Coming away from your trip not feeling as if you’ve truly experienced and connected with the charming, quirky, and unique city of Pittsburgh.


Option #2

  • Decide to be a savvy traveler and have your getaway planned for you - while also benefiting from the knowledge and experience of a local.
  • Enjoy a unique trip based on your personal interests - full of experiences you’ll love.
  • Get off the beaten-path and into the organic pulse of the city - in a way that resonates with you.
  • Be less stressed on your trip, knowing the heavy lifting is already done! 

Let’s create a trip to remember!