If you want to cultivate real community, you need a strategic approach.


Hi, I’m Jenn.

I’m an Event Strategist who helps online entrepreneurs and corporate businesses plan events that build authentic connections with (and among) their clients and employees.


Entrepreneurs come to me wanting to...

  • Make deep, vital in-person connections with their clients in-person.

  • Offer an experience that’s impactful, transformative, and full of those invaluable “a-ha” moments.

  • Allow clients to truly experience an event’s location - in a relaxing and restorative way.

Businesses come to me aiming to...

  • Execute an event that’s fresh, engaging, and makes them look like a hero to their employees and upper management.

  • Improve workplace relationships so employees perform better. (Making it easier to recruit and develop great talent.)

  • Create a workplace culture where people want to engage - rather than put in minimal effort.



Is this something you’ve wanted, too?


I’m here to tell you that it’s possible - with a customized, well-planned strategy.

Perhaps you’re an online entrepreneur connecting with clients all over the country - or the globe.

Or, maybe you’re a corporate manager overseeing a dynamic team of individuals faced with any number of project challenges.

Either way, you know - deep down - that authentic connection, relationship, and community needs to be at the center of what you’re trying to achieve.

After all, relationships are at the heart of everything we do as humans. This means that the more in-tune you are with your clients...the closer your employees are with each other...the more successful the work becomes.

And the more fulfilled lives you - and your clients or employees - lead.



Your business isn’t cookie-cutter - so why should your event strategy be?

Forging meaningful connections requires more than just putting everyone in the same place, at the same time.

This is why the standard, pre-packaged plans often don’t produce quality results. They aren’t built on my three key pillars:

Your business is unique

This includes its culture, brand, goals, relational dynamics, and current challenges. In other words, your needs are your needs.

Everyone should feel included and engaged

Even if your business’s culture has a predominant trait, your clients and employees are still individuals. While it’s impossible to cater to every attendee’s personality type, individual interests, and preferred activities, an event should be purposefully crafted so everyone feels welcomed.  

Relationships require space - and that space needs to be planned for and protected

Those vital “a-ha” moments and deep connections tend to occur during “down moments” - such as on a walk or over coffee. (Especially for introverts.) This space needs to be thoughtfully included in any event schedule so those organic connections can take shape.    

This is the type of game-changing event experience I want for you and your business!  


ready to work together?


We may be a good fit if…

  • You understand the positive, powerful impact of building relationships and cultivating authentic community.

  • You genuinely want the best experience for your clients or employees.  

  • You want an event that’s customized to the specific needs of your business.

  • You’re action-oriented and willing to do the necessary work on your part - such as showing-up for calls and executing the plan we create.

We’re probably NOT a good fit if...

  • You’re looking for the next “hip” or “trendy” event experience.

  • You’re looking for a pre-packaged experience.

  • You’re not willing to host your event in Pittsburgh, PA. (This is not required for the Relate Escape State, but is - ideally - required for any of the Relate Escape Mate packages. My knowledge of Pittsburgh, and my relationships with its businesses, is what helps me to create such powerful experiences. If you’re not familiar with Pittsburgh and whether it can meet your needs, let’s hop on the phone for a brief 15-minute chat!)


Jenn’s Bio

Jenn Murray is an Event Strategist who helps online entrepreneurs and corporate businesses plan events that create strong, authentic connections with (and between) clients and employees - often using her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA as a catalyst.

Her signature approach comes down to:

  • Carefully listening to each client in order to fully assess their individual goals and needs.

  • Crafting a customized plan specifically designed to meet those needs.

  • Utilizing her extensive knowledge of Pittsburgh to create a unique, fun, and engaging event - including sharing invaluable tips that only a local would know.

Jenn comes from a design and management background and has extensive experience creating solutions to match client needs.

She has called Pittsburgh home for decades and currently resides in its downtown North Side neighborhood.